Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Needs Meme And Another Award

I saw the most interesting meme ever over at Luxor's place! As I am in "meme mode" I decided to do that one also! What a surprise it became!

The rules: All you have to do is Google your first name with the word "needs" behind it and post the results. Don't forget to tag (if you are the tagging sort)!

I googled "Mrs. OZ needs" - and guess what. I do not need a thing!!!!

The only entry that came up with Mrs. OZ ... was this:

Mrs. OZ managed to catch a nasty cold

BUT - and here it comes:

I found ANOTHER Mrs. OZ!
On MySpace! I sent her a message but haven't heard back yet.

Then I had Tintin do it too. Now that got us some results!

Tintin needs him

Karl, that is, I would assume... did you hear that Karl? Come back from safari - we miss you!

Tintin needs no introduction to Tokyo

WOW - barely 4 month old and he knows TOKYO already?

Tintin needs a car auction

don't we all, hohohohoho

Tintin needs to bring a skateboard next time

yes, I want to see that!

Tintin needs all his courage

living with me, of course he does!

Tintin needs to add some contacts and favorites first

I don't want to know what could be second...

Tintin needs to have #redraw on


Then we tried Karl's name -FUNNY!!!

Karl needs women in it

I don't think so!!!

Karl needs to take care of his baby

yes! He needs to come back and take care of Tintin! I could use the relief....

Karl Needs A Hobby

Like blogging, traveling, writing mysteries, partying and trashing parties, hunting, photoshopping, supervising the butler when doing artwork, training the maid and dressing up is not enough?

Karl needs a girl friend

Guess not! Happily married to Ruis.

Karl needs's public search listing

Does he? What do you think?

Karl needs to have his butt kicked

Hohohohohohohoho, good one!
I volunteer, hohohohoho...
Karl needs the rest home and the basket weaving class

Resting home sounds about right. I have a feeling he wouldn't be thrilled about the class though....

Karl needs a matching scarf

That is always good advice. And the more scarfs one has the better.
I am sure Daisy would agree.

Karl needs to stop trying to dress like a Dior Homme model

What do you mean "trying"???

And last but not least, here are some VERY exciting news: I, Mrs. OZ, got my own personal "2008 Brillante Weblog Award"! Given to me by the wonderful
Socks, Scylla and Charybdis, "...we have enjoyed getting to know her better."! Thank you soooo much!!!

The rules for the Brillante Weblog Award are as follows:
The award may be displayed on a winner’s blog.

Add a link to the person who you received the award from.

Nominate up to seven other blogs.

Then add their links to your blog.

Add a message to each person that you have passed the award on to in the comments section of their blog.

I will give this award to

Miss Peach - I admire her style
Bathsheba - as an early birthday present (August 12 is her birthday!)
Findus and Smilla - as a 'welcome to the blogosphere gift'
Luxor - because he is white, and stylish, and regal, kind of like me, hohohohoho...


Sunny's Mommy said...

Hahaha! Those are very interesting results for Tintin and Karl :-D

Congratulations on your award, Mrs. Oz! It's very well deserved.

Lux said...

I love that "needs" meme - it always gives the funniest results!

Congratulations on your award, and thanks for passing it along to moi! :) Babs (Beetle) just gave it to my MOM! Can you imagine???

Alastriona, The Cats and Dogs said...

We are glad you like your award. We tried the needs Meme awhile back. We typed in Scylla needs and found she is the lesser of two evils. Charybdis was so distraught we decided not to investigate further (LOL). ~S, S & C

Gemini and Ichiro said...

The only thing that came up for me was "Chey needs to bite more people."

Mark's Mews (Marley, Lori, Loki, and Binq) said...

Wow! I tried that. There are some weerd "Skeeters" out there...


MaoMao said...

ConCATulashuns on yur awardie! It's furry well deserved. And we Ballicai loved readin yur Needs meme! So funny!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Boy said...

Hahaha...I wove your meme!

Findus & Smilla said...

Thank you very much for this 'welcome award'!
We hope we are worth to get this award and could hold the level in the future.

Findus & Smilla

Castle said...

hahahahahaha Karl Needs Women!!!! hhahahahahaha...Google got it so wrong!

I might give that MeMe a whirl later in the week! Meowmie is busy cruising rescue cat websites at the moment, she thinks i need a friend...! er NO. i get all the love now!