Friday, January 22, 2010

more seuss landing and another aftermath...

this place was so much fun, we just had to do more rides! here we try the "force"...

picture by ruis

momo, gracie, asta and opus look a wee bit scared, don't you think so???

picture by ruis

but not me and ruis! and ollie is taking the picture to proof it!

but eventually it was time to go back home (to get ready for the next adventure, hahahahaha)

picture by opus

what gracie found when she came home:

what karl found when he came home:

and guess what? we will be on a trip again for valentine's!!!!! any ideas where we might go? something romantic and adventurous where we haven't been yet....

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

seuss landing

today we will explore seuss landing and do ALL the rides they have!!!

ruis, karl and opus contemplate if they REALLY want to do this ride...

picture by opus and ollie

but here we are on it - and gracie is very brave and sits right in front! go to gracie, opus and ollie, and momo to see more!

picture by opus and ollie

and come back tomorrow to see what else happened....

Monday, January 18, 2010

A TRIP!!!!!!!

opus and ollie had the fabulous idea to treat gracie to a surprise trip for her first birthday in relation to her birthday theme: we are going to seuss landing in orlando florida!!! and of course momo, asta, me (karl) and ruis as part of the whole gang are going too. here you can see us arrive in the MFV.

picture by opus and ollie

ruis and i retreat to our beautiful hotel room to freshen up before we head out for the fun. go to opus and ollie's or gracie's to see what we will be doing.

meanwhile at gracie's place:

meanwhile back at the cat realm:

it looks as if edna and coco put seuss blindfolds on mrs. OZ, tintin and notty to trick them into sleeping so that the two rascals could hide in my suitcase....

Friday, January 15, 2010

happy birthday gracie!

our new friend gracie has her first birthday today!

do not miss
this party - you wouldn't believe the food she has dished out!
and there is fun stuff to do!!!! here you can see all of us riding the "green eggs and ham train".

front cars l-r: asta, momo, mrs. Oz. barney, gracie, opus, & olive
back car front l-r: edna, notty, & tintin

back car top: karl, coco, & ruis
picture by gracie

we will see you there!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


a few days ago we got this in the mail:

so we donned our hats and are ready to roll!!!

we hope to see you all at gracie's blog on friday for her first birthday!