Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Can't Do It Anymore...

Anastasia - Oscar - and then this morning I learned about Ubee - I am beat. I will take two days off.
I am sorry if I haven't gotten around to visiting you yet and extend my personal gratitude for your support - I just can't do it anymore right now. I know you understand.


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Life Can Be So Cruel...

I just heard the sad news that Oscar has crossed the bridge too.
My heart goes out to Kim and Oscar's whole family, please give
them your comfort.
Tribute to Oscar at
Emma's blog.
I can't believe this is happening. What sad times for the Cat Blogosphere...


Monday, August 27, 2007

What The Animal Communicator Said

The Animal Communicator said that unfortunately it seems that Anastasia has crossed over to the other side. Hilary could not get the sense of her heart beating, or blood flowing or anything like that.
Here is her story:

She said Anastasia was smelling some mice in a crevice, next to a tree with a grayish brown bluish big bird. Anastasia was preoccupied with the mice, then some animal, a hawk or an owl (Hilary thinks more like a hawk), came from above and then Anastasia saw nothing.

Now she feels surrounded by sunlight and feels very powerful. She feels very beautiful and she feels like she has become a star. Or maybe the sun herself. At that point the maid broke down again because this is our Anastasia in true form!

Hilary said Anastasia feels like she can go anywhere, and she all of a sudden doesn’t have to worry anymore, and yes, she is a bit sad that we are sad but she is very pleased of where she is.

Hilary said Anastasia is a very beautiful, strong and proud spirit.
We didn’t tell Hilary before what kind of a Royal Highness Anastasia is. But to think she might be the sun herself. That is her, right to the point!
Yao-Lin, you can be proud of your sister-in-spirit!
We are very happy for her to have moved on to a better realm than ours here – we knew it in our hearts that she had fulfilled her purpose and is feeling good at a better place.

We now will just have to learn to live with the huge void she left for us.

But I will keep her spirit alive here at The Cat Realm forever!

Thank you, Tyler's Mom for making this consultation possible through your wonderful generosity!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

We Are Trying To Move On...

Your minute of prayer was an enormous comfort for all of us! We sure felt it and we know wherever Anastasia is, she felt it too!
Your energy seem to have catapulted the staff out of their utter despair onto the road of mourning.

Right after the prayers the maid actually said this to the butler:

It would be just like her to show up NOW, after all this grieve and effort and heartbreak and to just wonder why the maid lost weight, the butler has red eyes, Karl seems subdued and why the heck is there a "SHRINE" - yuk! - on my favorite place???

Yep. That is her, our beloved Anastasia, with a personality so big - it will always be with us!

She had unpublished posts prepared - I will post those in the next days.

She had a Dare prepared - I will execute that for her in the beginning of October.

She will always be a part of The Cat Realm!

My condolences go out to her loverboy
Monte. It was so wonderful for me to watch your love for each other grow - she had a TT prepared about you - I will post that also. I know she would want you to know how she felt. I am so sorry, Monte. I miss her too!
I am forever in the debt of the Cat Blogosphere - your compassionate support just blew me away. I do not know how I would get though these hard times without you guys!

I will visit you all, please do not be upset if it'll take me some days, I am still feeling very exhausted and sad.

We know that her three years with us were the most happy a cat can hope for, she enjoyed every single day immensely, we hope this might give you the same comfort that it does give to us. I will write her whole story and post it sometime in the future too.

We will love her forever.

Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart!


Still Missing, Blog Blast

These are the maid and the butler.
We just wanted to let everybody know that when we sat down at the shrine we built for her a moment ago and observed our prayer minute, we actually did feel the comfort of all of you touching us and it helped us.

Thank you so much, these are hard times, and we appreciate each and every one of you more than we can tell!

Still Missing, Day 5

Thank you everybody so much. We owe you all, we hope we can somehow repay all the kindness and support. I am sorry to say, there is still no sign of her.
Mosaic Lady has offered to auction off CoCo, her blog's masthead to help with any bills we might have in relation to Anastasia's disappearance.
Tyler's Mom last night convinced the maid to accept her offer to pay for Hilary, the animal communicator, even if it is just to bring some closure. We are currently waiting to hear from her.
Skeezix has organized a blog blast for Anastasia for today.
We are all absolutely speechless about all this outpouring of help. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

I know a lot of you have voiced concern about my well being, being an outdoor cat and all. The staff would love nothing more than to lock me in and have me safe - but they realize that it would not make for a happy life for me. I do appreciate that they do not imprison me, even if it means that they might get terribly hurt - as we all just did.

But we do take comfort in the fact that every day of Anastasia'a life here was lived to the fullest and happy as can be. Which would have not been the case, had she been forced to stay inside. Some cats just can't do it. And our staff realizes that.

Life is not safe.

I keep hearing about terrible floods and fires and i just hope you all are safe and well, please!


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Still Missing, Discouraging News

When the maid read about Skeezix's Blog Blast she literally broke down, crying almost hysterically.
You guys are just too wonderful in your support.
It is very hard on the staff, but you all know that. And unfortunately I understand that a lot of you have been there.

We want to thank you all, we don't know what we would do without you.

The discouraging news: I got chased but the big bad bobcat again today, I ran as fast as I could back home into the studio of the butler and he was there and got MAD and chased the bad bobcat, who was literally standing at his doorstep, away.

The staff is convinced now that the bobcat got Anastasia. She was never as alert as I was, and got distracted sometimes. And the staff told me that they have friends who actually SAW a bobcat eating their cat.

I stayed inside for the rest of the day. But I will go out again tomorrow, the staff understands that you just can not lock up a cat, even if it is for safety. We need to roam.

I miss Anastasia so much....

P.S. - I am so sorry - I am so enveloped in my own grief that I forget that there are floods and disasters out there - I really do hope all the animals and their beans in the blogosphere are doing o.k.?
Please send me some GOOD news!

Still Missing, Day 4

Thank you everybody for your overwhelming support. It is very much appreciated.
We worked with an animal communicator who has actually talked to both of us before, the staff walked the desert for hours, the maid is sending Reiki, a Buddhist friend is chanting, another one works with energy on her. Fliers are out, vets are checked, the local shelters are covered.

We live in a tough environment out here and for her not to be seen since Tuesday most probably means she was taken by wildlife. Most probably - we try hard to hang on to a miracle and not give up hope!!!! Yes, miracles happen, we pray for one. The staff is a mess (they know many friends who have lost cats to the desert), I do not understand where she is...

I know you all feel terrible about it and pray for her well being - I am sorry I can not bring you any good news.


P.S. We got our beautiful toys from winning Rocky's contest, I put some of them in her bed. Thank you Rocky, I am just so sad she is not here to play with them....

Friday, August 24, 2007

Very Very Very Bad News

This is Karl. First I have to apologize: I posted and signed in Anastasia's name the last couple of days. I was trying hard not to face the horrible truth:
Anastasia is missing since Tuesday, August 21, early afternoon.

The staff is a mess.

We don't know what happened to her, but for her to not show herself in such a long time means she can't.
The maid and the butler hiked the desert for hours, calling for her. Nothing.
She has never done this, even if she stayed out overnight, she would show herself to let us know she's around.

Please pray for a miracle.

I might not be blogging for a while but I will keep you posted.

Lots of crying out here - we will not give up hope, but it looks very bad.

PLEASE send her your purrs.


Monday, August 20, 2007

Mancat Monday: Why I Love Monte

My loverboy Monte is the greatest mancat ever! See what he did for me to make me feel better? I adore him!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Nomss Friend Stuff and 5 things meme

Skeezix nailed it and won the nomss friend T-shirt.
There were 13 species involved in the Dare:

cats - dogs - humans - lizards - bunnies - rats - hamsters - goats - turtles - otters - guinea pigs - birds - and a watgog.

Ariel tagged us a while ago for the "5 things that changed my life" meme. Here it goes:


1 - Walking into the little box.

2 - Meeting the butler that night. And Karl. And the maid.

3 - My cut-remove-stitch ritual.

4 - Discovering that humans can easily be manipulated!

5 - Meeting Monte.


1 - I don't talk about the first one. Ever.

2 - Meeting the butler and finding my forever home with him and the maid.

3 - Having Anastasia join us.

4 - Finding the Cat Blogosphere and all you wonderful friends!

5 - This is one I am hoping WILL happen eventually: to find other gay cat bloggers and maybe a boyfriend....

Friday, August 17, 2007

Fashion Friday

Thank you everybody who participated in the nomss (Not Of My Species Special) friend Dare!
I am overwhelmed by your wonderful efforts to make this community even better and bigger. I think we set a great example for all those humans out there of how important and rewarding it is to go outside your race, culture and social circles to make new friends and learn from them!

Ariel was actually the first cat to accept the Dare - the only reason her name is not on top of the links list anymore is that I, Karl, messed that up...
I will give you the Dare Statistics later - today I will give the first commentator who states the right number of total species involved in this Dare so far a
nomss friend T-shirt!
Thank you again and keep on making those friends!


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dicky Duck's Last Trip

As some of you might know, the maid was in New York with Dicky Duck. And he has posted all his pictures from the last trip, so go over there and check them out.
And don't forget about tomorrow: Anastasia in Groucho Marx glasses and party hat!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Catching up...

You guys did it:
We will be able to see Anastasia in Groucho Marx glasses and party hat Friday!

Sorry we haven't visited a lot lately and won't for the next two days either - we have a lot of catching up to do.

The maid and Dicky Duck just got back from New York, they'll be busy putting up pictures at Dicky's blog and I am busy in "summarizing" the nomss friend Dare!

What a success it was. The button in the sidebar will stay, so anyone who hasn't yet taken the Dare can do so at any time!
Thank you everybody - it is making me very happy to see all these wonderful friendships blossom!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Let's Do It!!!

Come on everybody! I need four (4) more entries to have more participents in my nomss friend Dare than Anastasia had with the pink wig Dare!!! Then she will have to wear the Groucho Marx glasses and the hat!!!
I put a button in the sidebar that takes you directly to the nomss friend Dare.

Also: Everybody who participated MAKE SURE YOU PUT YOUR LINK IN THE BOX!

Let's Do It and put her in those glasses!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Birthday Party for Lucas!!!

Happy Birthday to our nomss friend Lucas!

He is celebrating his second birthday today and we are having a party!

We hope you will all attend and bring you nomss friends along!

Plenty of fresh nip is here!

Make sure to go over to Lucas and leave him some birthday wishes!

The Dare still goes on - we need 5 more entries to put the Groucho Marx glasses on Anastasia!!!

And check out my tribute to Elvis at Zoolatry....


Sunday, August 5, 2007

I Dare You All...

…to make a not-of-my-species-special-friend (nomss friend).

Go out, find someone who is not of your own species and make friends.

Introduce yourself and tell them why you chose them (color of their fur, feathers, scales, skin, layout and/or content of their Blog, their name, whatever it was that grabbed your attention).
Ask if they want to be your nomss friend and post about them on your Blog. Beans can of course play too!
Put the link to that post in the Mr. Linky Box at the end.

We will keep this post up for several days because I realize that this is a somewhat different challenge! It requires real effort. And time. And courage to go and talk to strangers and ask them to be friends. But I think that this is something we all need to do more these days!

You can pick up your IDYA buttons
here, they are designed so that you can put your new friend’s picture in it and is meant to be put in your sidebar with a permanent link to their blog.
We promised: no photoshop! So whoever does not have the software or skills to put their friend’s picture in the button – email us and we do it for you!

I do hope that each and every one of you accepts this challenge so we can make the blogosphere an even better and bigger community and show everybody how we cross borders and have no patience for prejudices, racism and intolerance towards others!

If you don’t know where to start looking: there are a number of links to other animal and human Bloggers at the bottom of our sidebar. There is also the animal internet. Good luck!

And remember: don’t just put your nomss friend’s picture on your Blog but treat them as true friends. Visit often, respect and support them, help them when they need it and most important: learn from how they are different from you and find your common features!

Karl - And we did accept our own challenge - SCROLL DOWN to see our post about it! And please go and say hello to our new friend Lucas.
I will leave this Dare up for at least a week - so you all have plenty of time!

Our nomss friend Lucas

We chose Lucas because we like his fur, we like his looks, we like his name, we like his Blog, but most important: we like his attitude and personality!
He is
goofy, he is funny, he was the first dog who accepted the pink wig dare and he acknowledges some of the fantastic skills of cats on his Blog.
We are very lucky that he agreed to be our nomss friend!

Give him a
high five and go say hello to our nomss friend Lucas!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Are You Ready...?

He is getting out of hand. The only thing I hear all day long is: will they like my Dare? Will they participate? Maybe this Dare is too far off. What if they DON'T like it? Can it even work? Should I re-write it? When is it finally Sunday? Could I maybe post it early. And on and on and on...
Oh Karl, get a life!

I will sure be glad when this is over! Especially because I can pretty much take the week off! No blogging for a week or so - because he will leave his Dare post up for that long!

I tell you, I should have NEVER allowed him to take over!

MY next dare will be basic back to normal again, I promise. No fuzzing around, just dare you all, get it over with, move on. That's how you do these things, Karl!

Anyways, have a good weekend. If you can - with this "Dare" looming over all of us...


Fashion Friday

P.S. There is another fabulous blog with a cat with glasses - and other cool things, make sure to check out Maggy and Zoey!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Anastasia allowed me to do the next I Dare You All… because she was very intrigued by my proposal! And I am extremely excited!
Here are 13 reasons why you should accept the IDYA #2 challenge which will be posted this coming Sunday morning, August 5 at 9:30 EST:

1 - you do not have to wear a pink wig.

2 - you do do not have to wear ANYTHING if you don’t want to…

3 - it will still be fun.

4 - you do not need photoshop!

5 - you probably feel really good afterwards.

6 - you will receive another fabulous button to put on your blog.

7 - it might make the net a better place.

8 - it could be a lasting experience.

9 - I really poured my heart in it and would be crushed if not many participate…

10 - you might learn something.

11 - it is 1 great challenge, coming up in 3 days: 1 and 3 = 13!

12 - you can wear a pink wig while doing it…

13 - Anastasia made a bet that if I get more participants than she did for the pink wig dare she will post a picture of herself in Groucho Marx glasses and a party hat!

And that last point alone should be reason enough for everybody to attend!!!!