Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Judges Are Deliberating

The Dare is closed and we had fourteen (14!) wonderful entries! Thank you all who participated and all who wanted to participate and didn't get around to doing it too!
The results will be posted Monday, July 6!

Monday, June 22, 2009

I Dare You All..... (# 5!)

....to come up with an idea for a continual contest, game or treasure hunt or anything else fun that you can think of to be hosted at the Cat Blogosphere.

Oh my - after getting several awesome entries I realize that I might not have explained it well enough.... We are NOT looking for a Dare ("I Dare You All to...." - that is OUR job to do, hahahahahahahahahahaha) but a continual fun game (or contest or treasure hunt) to be carried out at / through the CB... if you are in anyway unclear about it, email me!

The idea to this Dare was inspired by
Mom Robyn for ML's birthday who thought that ML would love to have just plain old FUN stuff to do at the Cat Blogosphere sometimes! Because ML works so hard for all of us " ...that all too often the fun gets set aside. She needs more fun." Mom Robyn said.
And so this Dare is our birthday present for ML.

We assembled a panel of judges to determine the winning Dare.

We will then help to put up and organize it at the Cat Blogosphere.

The judges are:

Cory, Sanjee, Zoey, Locket, Alexi

Every animal and human can participate, one entry per animal/human.

You have to have an active blog or Catster/Dogster page to participate but if you share a blog with others each one can enter.

Your challenge is to come up with an idea for a continual contest, game or treasure hunt or anything else fun that you can think of to be hosted at the Cat Blogosphere.
Please try and explain your idea as simple and clear as you can!!!
Please try and MAKE your idea as simple and easily executable as you can!
And remember: FUN - we want to have FUN, hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Two example entries would be...
1) Annual Cats in Hats Day, where cats get dressed up in any kind of hats once a year to have fun. It can be photoshop or real photos with a division for each.
2) A treasure hunt around the cat blogosphere, with the first clue starting at CB and a new clue at different cats blogs. Or with a list of things to find at different cat blogs (simpler).

Email your entry to us at
idareyouall at gmail dot com

Enter your name in the subject line and leave your blog address/Catster/Dogster Page with your idea!

Deadline will be June 29, 2009, midnight EST. Then the judges will be deliberating and we will post the results on July 6, 2009.

By submitting your entry you give permission to The Cat Realm and Cat Blogosphere to use it in any way we see fit as long as we give you the proper credit for it.
Of course we can change these rules at any time, thank you Skeezix, hahahahahahahaha!

Please put your name in the Linky box so we know who is accepting our Dare!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Friday, June 19, 2009

International Box Day

"It is common knowledge that "cats in boxes" go together, like cookies & cream, nip & tini, soft purrs & belly-rubs!"
Zoolatry) & ROMEO (Peggy's Place) officially declared Friday, June 19, 2009 INTERNATIONAL BOX DAY.
No prizes, no awards, just a box full 'o fun!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

May We Present:

The positions were filled before we even had lunch the day the call was posted! Thank you everybody for your interest and there will always be more Dares and the need for more judges, hahahahahahahahhaha!
Cory, Sanjee, Zoey, Locket and Alexi will do the incredible difficult job of trying to pick three entries out of the "every-entry-is-awesome-and-worth-winning" list of all entries.
Watch out for the Dare on June 22, right here!

Call for Judges!

+++ SORRY - all positions are filled! +++

On June 22 we will Dare you again! It will be a fun Dare and
benefit the whole community!

Right now we are looking for 5 judges to help us pick the three best entries of this upcoming Dare.

These are the requirements if you would like to be
a judge for
IDYA # 5, Fun:

You will have to choose from a list of entries the ones you like best (details will follow later).

You will have to have time to do this between July 1 to 5.

You will have to have an active blog and be part of the
Cat Blogosphere or be a nomss friend of a member.
You will have to accept a personal thank you note and a little gift from Karl for being a judge.

If you are interested email us at idareyouall at gmail dot com.

First come first judge, hahahahahahahahahahaha!

If you have been a judge before in a Dare you can apply but will only be considered if we can not fill the positions with newcomers.

This is fun, former judges always enjoyed it a lot!
So email us NOW !

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Butler!

Today is our butler's birthday! Karl is still in Bora Bora with Ruis but we got him on the computer so we can all wish the butler a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

picture by thecatrealm, Karl outfitted by Ruis