Tuesday, July 19, 2011

the aftermath......

you might remember the cafe where the wedding party took place...

and would you believe it - when we finally decided it was time to go home - we couldn't find the way back to our vacation home anymore! gracie got really anxious - it was dark, we are in a foreign country - but we have NO idea WHERE... her driving might have gotten a bit erratically. and sure enough - the police stopped us and had gracie do a breathalyzer test....

but of course she didn't drink. and would never drive under the influence! but as we others had had quiet a lit of nip, nip champgne, nip martinis, nip-you-name-it the police arrested us nevertheless......

as it turned out they brought us to this old prison, which LOOKED like a prison, but is actually a hotel and ordered coffee for us and just gave us a warning and a map to our vacation house...

...where we finally got some sleep! or at least some of us.....

picture by asta

Sunday, July 17, 2011

the wedding celebration

while the staff is having their legal ceremony and such we are preparing the cafe for the evening celebration. karl has watched his maid practice so here he is leading ruis in a close embrace tango, while momo and gracie are watching.

picture by asta

then opus takes ollie and they get carried away with a fiery paso doble!

picture by asta

and then, a little later, as usual, things get a wee bit more out of hand....

and yes - the story does not quiet end here either..... come back in a few days for the conclusion of this...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

ruis' staff is getting married!

today ruis' typist is getting married to her long time partner and long before we even got the invitation the gang (asta, gracie, momo, opus and ollie, and myself) had already decided to crash the wedding anyhow!
we rented a nice little vacation house in heel, limburg, the netherlands where ruis lives.

picture by momo

then we took the MFV and drove over to ruis house to unpack our presents and the cake and set up for a nice cocktail party before the wedding.
we had just started to unload when ruis screams NO! and tells us we are actually unloading at the neighbors house, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

picture by gracie

after moving to the right house we set up the wedding cake in the backyard and hide all inside of it, waiting for the humans to show up so we can jump out of the cake!

picture by karl

picture by asta

then we decorate a little.

picture by gracie and karl

we put the table with the presents (pink champagne and chocolates) on the side of the yard

and after hanging the first decorations dive into the chocolate cake....

picture by asta

momo, ollie and gracie managed to get chocolate all over their pretty dresses and have to change! and momo has to bring in the back-up chocolate fountain as we have pretty much eaten up the other cake...

picture by gracie

and then gracie puts up a beautiful flower ark.

picture by gracie

tonight we will celebrate in the cafe where ruis and myself once celebrated carnival!

we will post those pictures this weekend! so come back!
we promise it will be worth your time!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

something is up!

it will happen july 13, is all i am saying....