Monday, April 8, 2013

welcome home party continues!

what can i say. there is more sangria and paella in the far corner, so - keep on eating and drinking and join in the dance....

Sunday, April 7, 2013

welcome home party for sergi!

we might have been too late to surprise sergi - but we are having a party no matter what!
 fenris, gracie, ollie, mrs. OZ, karl, ruis, charlotte, gigi, scylla, asta. socks, tuiren, angelmomo

everybody is of course invited!
as sergi comes from spain we took that as a hint and have paella and sangria.
and mrs. OZ went wild and is dancing flamenco...
so load up your plates with paella and fill your glasses with sangria and have a good time!

(nothing like inviting a bunch of people to someone else's house, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

surprise party

my husband's family got a new member: a 3 year old podenco named sergi who flew in from a shelter in spain yesterday!
of course the gang got together and organized a surprise party for sergi - but then we boarded the wrong train in amsterdam and after seeing half of europe we were too late but will still have a party - surprise or not! check back for that later - and you are ALL invited!
fenris and tuiren are still riding the train, they were having so much fun they refused to get off the train.... what can i say, they are dogs.
here we are, arriving in the netherlands, at the in-laws place:
(click on pic for better viewing)

scylla and socks, charlotte and gigi and angelmomo, asta, gracie and ollie, me and mrs. OZ.
ruis and sergi in the back.