Friday, February 26, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

RIP taylor

with heavy hearts we heard the sad news that our sweet sister-in-law taylor went to the bridge.
we will miss you!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

niagara falls aftermath

remember yesterday - when we left the gang all stuck in barrels going over niagara falls?
you might wonder how that ended..... today you will find out.
it turns out that the first barrel going over which ollie saw from her room had karl and ruis inside!!! yes, it was poor me, karl screaming for help........

it also seems they were the only ones to get their barrel over the falls in one piece....
here are gracie and barney.

asta and stanley don't look much better.

and poor momo and socks were lucky that the maid of mist was close by to rescue them!

and judging by the looks on opus and ollie's faces they won't do this again anytime soon...

but wait - here is another unbroken barrel - and it looks as if minime is ready to go back up and ride the falls all over again!

the crew of the maid of the mist was nice enough to give us all towels to wrap up in so we wouldn't catch cold while we waited for the police....

..who did let us go after we pointed out that while they might have posted this sign it is posted at a point were you really can not see it FROM the falls, right?

picture by opus and ollie

Monday, February 15, 2010

over the falls...

on our second day at niagara falls ollie was relaxing on her bed when she suddenly heard a loud scream!

looking through the hotel telescope revealed this picture:

the gang decided to check this out more closely but when they arrived at the falls they saw that gracie and barney were already hot on the track of the mysterious barrel! they probably watched too much CCSI and thought they try there hands on being detectives, hahahahahaha

and then minime who must have been somewhere in gracie's luggage showed up in a barrel all to herself!

after that the rest of the gang could of course not stand by idly and off they all go down the falls....

to be continued.......

Sunday, February 14, 2010

a valentine adventure

the gang - i, karl and my husband ruis, gracie and her friend barney, asta and stanley, momo and socks, opus and ollie - decided that valentine is as good an occasion for another trip than any! and what better and more romantic place to go to for valentines than - NIAGARA FALLS!!!
so we all gathered, picked up some barrels - just in case...

picture by gracie

and went to the falls:

picture by gracie

here is our hotel:

and it looked so sophisticated we decided to dress up while checking in...

picture by asta

then we inspected the rooms. first the boys room,

then the girl's room.

picture by gracie

after a short cat-nap (hahahahahahahahaha) we went on the famous boat tour!

picture by gracie

it was wet! but fabulous!

picture by opus

and what is a visit of niagara falls without a helicopter ride. we of course didn't need to do that because momo had thought of bringing the magic carpet!!!! much better!

picture by momo with editing by asta

then love striken couples went for some alone time - here i am with my husband ruis

and we finished the day with some super duper fireworks over the falls!

picture by momo

tomorrow we will have a fairly scary adventure - so make sure to come back and check it out!!!