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Thursday, August 4, 2011

bora bora day

as you might remember - or maybe not - ruis and i took a trip to bora bora for our first wedding anniversary!
we had a
beautiful little hut by the water
and did a lot of
water sports.
then we got a
surprise visitor and sure enough
the next day we had
many more!

gracie has decided to go to bora bora to teach her human a lesson and invited us all to come along!

we decide to go by submarine, the way we
had left last time and ruis and i are in the same little house we had the last time.

and of course we right away go to the beach again to frolic in the water!

then we decide to do something we hadn't done the last time: we visit a marae, a communal or sacred place which serves religious and social purposes. asta really liked that tiki, hahahahahahahaha!

and in the evenings we sit together and watch the beautiful sunsets and enjoy each others company! once again the gang (karl and ruis, momo, asta, opus and ollie and our new member gracie) is united! thank you, gracie.

Monday, August 1, 2011


come back here on august 4 to see!