Wednesday, April 30, 2008


"The Missing Mummy Caper", scheduled to air on May 10 and 11, Executive Producer Sassy, is cast!

l-r: Maya, Tamra Maew, Jessica, Pablo, Mr. Hendrix, Marilyn Monreow, Charlotte, Miss Peach, Roxy, Orlando Bun, & Cameron, Foreground l-r: Eric & Merlin

l-r: Dr. Tweety, Beau, Rocky, Brainball, Mickey, Scylla, Derby, Sassy, Ariel, Tyler & Zippy

Detective Bucky Bun: Orlando Bun
Detective Harry Moe:
Papa Adam Ball
: Mr. Hendrix
Mama Patti Ball
: Marilyn Monreow
Cleoctra Ball
: Charlotte
Tonto Ball
: Pablo
Mika Ball
: Eric
Rudy Ball
: Merlin
Ling Ling
: Jessica
Mr. Doogle
: The Devil Dog - Roxy
Peachy Pitt
: Miss Peach
Catherine Pitt
: Ariel
Uncle Bill
: Cameron
Paramedic #1
: Tyler
Paramedic #2
: Derby
Nurse #1
: Tamra Maew
Nurse #2
: Zippy
Dr. Kieran
: Dr. Tweety
Policeman #1:
Policeman #2:




(From Taylor Catsssss)


Aniwa, Xing-Xing, Goldie, Sukie, Faith Boo, Ayla, Queen Snickers, Billy, Fat Eddy.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Purr For Storm!

Storm's lymphoma has come back. Please send her your purrs.

Please check Sassy's place for the adventures we are up to at the moment.....
We've actually moved on to Asta's place....

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pajama Party

When we heard that Sassy has a pajama party for Momo, Opus and Roscoe, Ruis and I crashed it!

Go over to her place to learn more about the weekend and all of you:
Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Brody Got Tagged By Mike!

Brody has been tagged for a meme by our good friend Mike. He is supposed to tell seven random things about him that you don't already know, here are the rules:
I must tell seven random and/or interesting things about myself. Then I have to get five blog buddies to play, too, and link to their blogs. And I have to post these rules.

So without further ado - here is Brody and his seven random things:

1. I am actually a hand puppet.

2. I like to sit close to Anastasia's box of life. I never met her but I can feel her spirit!

3. I was never washed or vacuumed.

4. I don't like blogging. Myself that is. I am just too lazy.

5. I have green eyes!

6. I am a cosmopolitan fluffhead! (I have a tag saying 'Manhattan toy' - now how much more cosmopolitan than 'Manhattan' can you get???)

7. I sometimes go hiking with
Dicky Duck.

And just like Mike I will not follow the rules and only tag one other to play:
Myrna at Asta's place!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Catching Up

Zoolatry made these wonderful graphics for us, aren't they awesome?
Thank you Zoolatry!

And Criz gave us this nice award and we quote: "Thank you so much for your comfort and well wishes during the bad times when I was sick and when Mama Jessica was found missing...As a gesture of appreciation, I have created a cute recognition logo for you."

Thank you Criz!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Auditions for CCSI III

Little Productions is holding auditions for CCSI III at Sassy's place. If you are interested please go there and leave your information. What kind of an animal, age, gender, that kind of thing.
Due to the great interest and limited number of parts: only one animal per blog, please!

We are already working on the next script and actors who will not be cast this time will have priority for the next casting!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day

picture by Opus and Roscoe

Stop by the Earth Day website to see what is going on around the world today.

And make sure to go by
Opus and Roscoe's place to find some wonderful Tips on how to be a Greener Pet!

Monday, April 21, 2008


Ruis and I, Karl, are happy to announce that
we will get married May 30, 2008!

Details to follow.

Little Productions is proud to announce that we have a script for the next CCSI caper written by Criz. Be sure to stop over at Criz's place and congratulate him on joining the ranks of writers for Little Productions.

picture by Sassy

The third installment of CCSI is titled "Missing Mummy Caper" and will air in early May. Casting for CCSI III will take place on Wednesday of this week. If you would like a part in the show please go to
Sassy's blog and leave a comment there. We are looking for new talent for this show and will use seasoned actors if the need is there.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Present!

You might remember that I, Karl, won Monte Q.'s "Who Do You Love" competition for Best Valentine to a Kitty with my proposal to Ruis?
And Thursday my prize arrived: A kitty tunnel!!! I supervise the action.

Mrs. OZ immediately went into the tunnel, while Emil immediately went into the packing bag.

The butler wanted to play too but unfortunately it turned out he was too big for the tunnel.

Emil finally went in but decided to rather have the entrance facing upwards.

And then I put my paw down and claimed my prize!!!

Thank you so much Monty, you made our day! And probably many more, hahahahahahahahahaha.

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Clean-Up...

This is what Opus said after the blogoversary party:

"Now, what kind of friends would we be if we left the Cat Realm without helping Karl clean up?
Sassy, Momo, Emil and Mrs. Oz all agreed to work until the job was done. We thought it would be nice to give the maid and the butler the day off, so we sent them out for a nice dinner on us!
We also thought it would be nice to let Karl and Ruis have some relaxing time, so we told them to enjoy the pool and let the rest of us do the work. Well, it didn't take long for Mrs. Oz and Roscoe to get hot, throw their brooms aside and jump in the pool!
Even worse, Sassy and Emil were so tired from the night of partying, that they NEVER got up from their cat nap! In the end, it was Momo and myself who had to scrub and clean until the job was done. You can see by this photo that Momo and I had fun scooping up the "trash"! Hehehehehehe!"

Little Productions is looking for CCSI scripts! Get details HERE.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Raffle Winner!

The raffle was a big success:
we raised
$ 260.- for CFHF!!!!!
Thank you so much everybody who bought a ticket!!!!

Unfortunately we will only have one lucky winner....
So let's see who it will be.

First I thought Emil will draw the winning ticket.

I guess that didn't work out. He kept saying "No" and again "No!".
So I asked Mrs. OZ:

It seems she wasn't interested either...

So I had the butler do it and he obeyed dutifully, hahahahahaha:

Success!!! Congratulations Livvie, you are the lucky winner!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Aftermath...

+++Please purr for Jessica to come home!!! +++

This is the last thing I remember:

Mrs. OZ had one Lizquila too many and got wild on the table! And then Emil grabbed Djenna, and Ruis and I passed out........
This is just a little earlier - but you can see - things have gotten out of hand already...:

picture by Ruis, minor editing by Karl

The gang from Jan's Funny Farm was unstoppable!!!

picture by Sassy

The staff took this picture in the morning... I think some other guests were pretty worn out too...

picture by Sassy with minor editing by Karl

Come back tomorrow for the drawing of the raffle winner!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

First Blogoversary Party!!!!

One year of The Cat Realm. What a wonderful and exciting year it was! We made so many new friends - and had so many wild parties - and were on so many adventurous trips!
Zoolatry made this beautiful badge for us and they were thoughtful enough to include our beloved Anastasia who - we are sure - is throwing one hell of a party today at the rainbow bridge. We love you and miss you very much, sweet Anastasia!

Now let's get the party started! First we will gather for a group picture. There are no less than 36 animals here!

Here is the guest list, please go and check out their blogs - they might have additional pictures!
Kattenpraat, Sassy, Momo, Opus and Roscoe, Socks, Scylla and Charybdis, Charlie, Asta, Momo and Pinot, Charlotte, Riley, Jan's Funny Farm.
And now let's just dive in!!! Literally, hahahahahahahahaha.... The cake was a blogoversary present from Sassy!

picture by Sassy

picture by Ruis

Our Rainbow Bridge Kitties stopped by for a fleeting moment - Miral, Ralph, Anastasia - we miss you so much and we will always love you!

And here of course is the core of it all: the BBQ - an endless supply of lizards is grilled non-stop.... DAISY! You will have to wait like everybody else, hahahahahahahahahahaha....

We are milling around, waiting for the first lizards to be ready...

picture by Sassy

The tub was by far the most thought after "hang-out spot". These are all in-laws of mine! Ruis comes with a family of 8 cats and 2 dogs!

picture by Ruis

More In-Laws and a question: did we have too much Lizquila - or could it be a real nip plant?

picture by Ruis

Ad here are the cats and dogs from Jan's Funny Farm enjoying the tub. You see right away that they are a wild bunch, hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

picture by Sassy

Sassy had brought a pop-up Mariachi with a hole for a face so all the guests could have their picture taken! Right now it's Emil's turn and you can see how we are all standing in line for this!

Ruis and I hadn't seen each other for a while so we use the oppurtunity for some quality time together and have the butler serve us Lizquila at the tub:

Everybody has lots of fun and we eat and drink a lot!

After the food comes the entertainment! Here is the famous #1 cat Mariachi band "Los Gatos" with featured dancer Charybdis and guest Mariachis Momo and Socks:

Los Gatos costumes by Opus and Roscoe; Momo, Socks and Charybdis costumes by Momo

And then almost everybody got into costume and made music and danced!!!

picture by Momo

Come back tomorrow for more!!!!!

Raffle closed. Winner will be announced Thursday April 17.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Party Invitation!

Tomorrow is the big day! One year of The Cat Realm. We will celebrate our first blogoversary with a 'few' (33, hahahahahahaha) close friends who will actually teleport over in 'animal'. There will be entertainment and of course lots of food and drinks!!!! We are still busy getting ready!

Everybody is invited, please come over and bring your nomss friends and spread the word - it will be wild - it will be fabulous - it will be talked about in years to come, hahahahahahahahahahaha.
If you want to bring us gifts - please do so by helping Mom Laura!
Here is some of the food:

Upper left: Nip Salad with lizard croutons. Upper right: Raw Lizards.
Lower left: Shashlik of beef and lizard. Lower right: Bugs on a Bed of Nip.

Mrs. OZ made her famous Shrimp-Lizard Salad - she is sampling it here to see if it is good enough for the party! You can even see her tongue!

And here are some of the drinks:

Left: our house wine "Domaine Le Royaume De Chat" from 1996.
Right: Lizquila Cuervo Especial - a potent liquor made from lizards.

And here is the entertainment, and they will bring dancers too!!!

And of course nothing of this would happen if it wouldn't be for you, our fellow blogging friends.
All of you have made this past year exciting and wonderful. Your visits and comments and stories and pictures - there wouldn't be a 'Cat Realm' if not for you. As a token of our appreciation for your presence in our life we want to give everybody who comes and visits this award:

Please accept it with our most humble gratitude for your coming by here and taking an interest in our daily adventures.

We hope to see you ALL tomorrow at the party! It will start bright and early and go on ALL day long and way into the night, hahahahahahahahaha......
And there is still time to get your raffle ticket!!!

e also thought we will give you a short history of The Cat Realm:

April 15, 2007 our first post. We had no idea at this point about the gazillions of blogging cats out there! We also had no idea about how to manage pictures, so a while later we "stored" some that we needed for links here and haven't cleared that up yet.....
In May the first cat to visit us was
Victor Tabbycat, and the second Dragonheart! And then we found the Cat Blogosphere through Aloysius and from almost none our comments went up to 18 immediately!
May 30
first Wordless Wednesday
June 4
first ManCat Monday
June 5
first time tagged
June 7
first Thursday Thirteen
June 8
first Fashion Friday
June 16
first annual lizard BBQ (the second will be this April 15, our first blogoversary!)
We had 36 'cyber' guests at last year's BBQ - this year we have 33 'actual' guests who teleported over and our goal is to have 100 'cyber' guests - that is a lot, isn't it? You think we can do it? That will be a LOT of return visits...... hahahahahahahahah

July 8
first IDYA - the pink wig challenge.
August 5
second IDYA - the nomss friend challenge.
Then came our darkest hour, we still cry when we think about it:

August 21
Anastasia did not come back out of the desert.
But during those sad and horrible days I also met the love of my life: my fiance
October 2
Mrs. OZ arrived.
October 9
Emil arrived.
November 9
third IDYA - the dress up your staff challenge.
December 14
to 17 CCSI 2. Karl wrote the script and became part of Little Productions.
January 28, 2008
Karl proposed to Ruis and Ruis accepted!!!
And since then the overall traveling and partying with various friends has considerably picked up and kept us busy!
If this trend keeps on like this we will have to hire additional staff soon, hahahahahahahaha!
Anyways - come back tomorrow to see what the party has to offer in food, drinks and entertainment!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

In Memoriam Miral

We are sad and heartbroken. Karl's sister-in-law Miral was called to the bridge yesterday.
You might be gone Miral - but you will never be forgotten! We love you and our hearts are with your family.

Please feel free to take the graphic if you want to remember Miral on your blog.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Purring for a Miracle

Please everybody - purr for the safe rescue of our friends!!!!

There was a fire and we don't know yet what happened to Lilly Lu, Mu Shue and Iris....

Friday, April 11, 2008

Raffle News

We extended the deadline for the raffle to April 15 at midnight Pacific.
We will be so busy with the party that we decided to have Emil do the drawing on the 16th and post the winner on April 17.

We are also throwing in this little cutie! Six inches tall.

So get your raffle ticket NOW! Just click on the "Buy Now" button in our top post.

This is the jar with all the names so far. We want to fill this!!!
Remember: An awesome Cat Buddha statue, a little cute tiger cat with orange hair, funky sun glasses and surprises!

And all money will be donated to Cat Friends Helping Friends!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Our dear friends Chairman Mao and Skeeter, LC and Ayla gave us a wonderful award! And Mike gave it to Mrs. OZ to share it with us!
It was created by Chairman Mao's sweetie
I was talking to mom recently about creating an award. Everyone knows someone who goes beyond. A person who always helps others, always has a kind word, a person with a heart of gold. So I told mom I wanted to make an award we could give to those we think deserve it."
Thank you so much Chairman Mao, Skeeter, LC Ayla and Mike!!!

We like to pass this award on to Miral, Karl's sister-in-law.
She is the sweetest cat with a big heart of gold. But as much as her spiritual heart is big and warm and caring and solid gold, her physical heart is not well. She is diagnosed with
dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) and needs all our purrs and love and support.
So maybe this second heart will help her own heart to be strong for a long time longer....