Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to all of you and a wonderful New Year!
We don't do holidays here at The Cat Realm so we didn't send out any cards but we very much appreciated and value the cards we received! Many heartfelt thanks to you!

And while the humans will watch "It's A Wonderful Life" and "Miracle on 34th Street" for the gazillions time you know you have your very own X-mas classic:
"The Santa Caper", shown in it's entirety at Sassy's blog on X-mas day! Go over there and enjoy!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Emergency Purrs Needed!

Timothy went to the bridge peacefully
last night at 2:30 am EST.

Thank you all for your purrs.

Please purr for our friend Timothy.

He is very very close to our maid's heart - long story -
but he lives in Auburn, Maine now.

He couldn't move his hind legs and in the hospital they found that he has a blood clot in his artery. We need your purrs to help dissolve this a.s.a.p.! There was talk of having to send him to the bridge if this doesn't dissolve within 48 hours...... He is only 10 years old!
Please send you purrs and good energy to Timothy!
Thank you!

Friday, December 19, 2008

The 'After' Party

After the successful run of CCSI IV, "The Momomo Caper", Little Productions (LP) treated all cast and crew members to a special "After Party" at a special place! We rented Shangri La in Honolulu and flew everybody there with the MFV (Magic Flying Van).

picture by Sassy

Actually not everybody - Mrs. OZ used her MU (Magic Umbrella) and Santa Claus - who came on special invitation to hand out some gifts - paddled over.

While the LP executives had a drink at the pool...

picture by Sassy

...Mrs. OZ took the younger actors upstairs where cookies and milk shakes were prepared.

Mrs. OZ also used the opportunity to get rid of her outfit which drew it's share of "Mary Poppins" remarks during the run of the show! Then it was time for gifts! Everybody gathered in the living room and Santa Claus - who tried very hard to blend in with the locals - generously handed out presents for everybody.

Afterwards the executives Asta, Opus, Momo, Ruis, Karl and Sassy had Niptinis in the living room, Santa tried some Hula steps in the garden...

... and the young ones went back to their cookies, still supervised by Mrs. OZ.

After all that hula Santa soon enough needed to cool off a bit so he went swimming with Asta while Xing Lu is contemplating if she should join them.

A while later the other actors gathered around the pool too and Tybalt managed to even get Rudolf to take a dip, supposedly with the help of a rubber duck!

Before the party went into it's wild phase after sunset everybody gathered around for a group picture.

The next day the MFV took everybody home again except for Mrs. OZ who changed back into the "Mary Poppins" so she could go by MU.

picture by Sassy

And no - we have NO idea how this place got so messed up.....

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Contest

Before we leave for the "After Party" tomorrow Sassy will have re-runs of The Momomo Caper at her place all day long.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
By the way: you find the
true event that inspired The Momomo Caper HERE!

Here is the contest:
Let's see how much CCSI is in each of you!
Here is a picture of the place where the After Party will take place, and a hint: it would have been another perfect place (aside of Cairo) to take Ruis to after his birthday party.

First one to correctly guess where we will go (leave your guess in the comments) will get a cameo appearance on the next show!

+++ update +++
Hawai'i is good! But it is a special place on one of the islands!
Give us the name of the place!

And do not miss to watch our CCSI X-mas episode "The Santa Caper" again!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
This is a holiday classic in the tradition of It's A Beautiful Life, The Bishops Wife and Miracle on 34th Street - to be watched over and over and over again!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Momomo Caper, Part 3

Who did it? Any idea?
Find out at Sassy's place
how the story ends!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Momomo Caper, Part 2

The second part of the exciting new CCSI story is up
and running at Sassy's !!!!

Are you on the edge of your seat yet?
What really happened to Mr. Kroesus?

Will the CCSI detectives be able to find the culprit among so many suspects?

Head over to Sassy's to read on.....

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Momomo Caper, Part 1

The first part of the exciting new CCSI story is up
and running at Sassy's !!!!

And whereas this story was inspired by a
true event - which we will not reveal quiet yet as to not spoil the suspense! - all characters are strictly fictional and any resemblance to existing entities is totally coincidental. The ending alone is proof that this story is entirely a work of fiction!!!

All that should really have your curiosity up by now, so head over to Sassy's and enjoy!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

What Happens On The Set....

...stays on the set! Hahahahahahahahahaha!

Set designers Karl and Ruis are taking a well deserved break during the making of CCSI IV!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mysterious Events at CCSI IV Set....

Today acclaimed director Opus, busy directing CCSI IV, The Momomo Caper, was escorted off the set by Sassy and Dr. Tweety while some of the cast looked on.

picture by Sassy

For more information on these groundbreaking news go HERE.

In other news: we entered
Charlie's Gilbert and Sullivan contest! Here is our entry picture, go and see more exciting pictures here!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Birthday Trip

As you might know we left Ruis surprise birthday party yesterday evening to go to an unknown destination for the weekend. And Sassy was nice enough to pre-pack a suitcase for us - with strict instructions to ONLY open it at our destination....

picture by Opus

We flew all night - it was very comfortable on the nice big ca
rpet - and in the morning we arrived in Cairo!
Our arrival on the flying carpet drew quiet some attention, it seems not many of those are flying around anymore!

We immediately checked into the hotel and inspected our suite. We were very satisfied! They had decorated it and provided a bottle of Dom Niptignon and also two matching outfits with turbans for us to wear so we could "blend" in with the locals, hahahahahahahaha!

Here we are, all dressed up in front of the hotel, ready to explore!

On the first day we decided to go and visit the pyramids and try a camel ride.
Karl was a bit anxious... he thought those camels were REALLY big and he doesn't seem to do so well with heights if it's not connected with trees.

But everything went just fine! Then we came closer to the Spinx and Karl had a somewhat eerie experience which made him decide to take it easy with the hookah in the future....

That evening we stayed in and celebrated Ruis birthday again! Karl had made a heart out of floating rose petals in our private courtyard and put up a Happy Birthday sign..

The next day we went to the Khan el-Khalili Bazaar and did some window shopping. Sorry - no souvenirs this time - we just didn't want to overload the carpet too much!
Little did we know.....

When we got back to the hotel we realized that we had never opened that suitcase that Sassy had given to us! So we finally checked to see what she had packed for us....

suitcase by Sassy

... and you can imagine our surprise when we saw what was hidden in there! Poor Sassy, Momo, Opus and Asta where trapped in the suitcase for two days!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - that'll teach you to try and sneak up on us!
Just imagine how things could have turned out if we'd opened that suitcase right after arrival.....

But by now the bunch was very hungry as they had run out of their travel snacks a day ago so we got some nice outfits from the hotel gift shop for all of them and then went out for some really good Egyptian food!

After dinner we took a group picture in front of the pyramids and couldn't help but wonder as this reminded us of something....

And then it was time to fly home again! Now we were REALLY glad we didn't have any souvenirs!

And here is our postcard for all of you! Please take it!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Surprise Birthday Party!

Ruis birthday was November 26 but he and most of Limburg did not have any internet access for weeks!!! Today they are supposed to be back on!
So we (Sassy, Opus, Momo, Asta and I, Karl) are throwing him a surprise birthday theme party now!
Welcome to Arabian Nights for Ruis!

The guests of course arrive on magic flying carpets! Opus is bringing his new lady friend Lacie and they picked up Asta and her boyfriend Stanley on the way.

Momo comes with her boyfriend Socks and they picked up Sassy.

Mrs. OZ and Tintin had helped me put up some Arabian tents and one of them is solely reserved for Ruis birthday presents! After everybody puts their presents inside it is quiet crowded in there!

These are his presents: a framed painting (Opus), an Arabian horse (Sassy), gold bars (Sassy), a gold shawl (Asta), an oil lamp (Sassy), a camel (Opus), an orange tiger rug (Socks), a picture (Karl), pickled lizards (Karl), another oil lamp (Mrs. OZ), and another oil lamp (Momo), a gold throne (Karl), a hookah (Asta), a genii with a flying carpet (Momo), an Aladdin DVD (Tintin), perfume (Opus), an Arabian coffee set (Mrs. OZ), three boxes with precious scents (Asta), a sword (Tintin), a magic flying carpet (Sassy)

And then the In-Laws arrive with Ruis! They had told him that they would take him to a surprise trip in the countryside, blindfolded him, and flew him over.

After the long carpet rides everybody is just relaxing a bit first.

Not everybody! I am giving Ruis a private belly dance performance, hahahahahahahaha!

It doesn't stay private for long of course and now all the girls want to belly dance too! And not just the girls.... there is Opus, keeping Roscoe's spirit alive with a most awesome belly dance that Roscoe couldn't have done better!

After all that dancing everybody is hungry! Mrs. OZ and Tintin have some snacks prepared: lizard pilaf, lizard gyros, baklava and lots of hot sweet Moroccan tea. Here they are waiting with Karl and Ruis for the "hungry hord" to arrive.... And please help yourself to some food too, there is plenty more!

Being lizard focused cats we did forget to prepare meat for the dogs but fortunately Asta took care of that and brought lot of meat goodies along for the non-lizard crowed! Thank you Asta!

picture by Asta

Afterwards cats and dogs are just hanging out, having a good time. And for some reason Mrs. OZ decides to rub the lamp she gave Ruis for his birthday - and guess what happens!!!
All our bridge animals appear in a cloud of pale blue smoke and sing "Happy Birthday To You".

Then it is time for Ruis and me to part with the party and mount our magic flying carpet to go off for a romantic couple of days at an undisclosed (no, Sassy, we are not telling!) location. But Sassy was nice enough to leave a prepacked suitcase for us with strict instructions to not open it until we reach our destination...
Come back this weekend to see where we'll go and what we'll encounter!

And if you have a minute please go over to
Ruis blog and leave him a birthday wish!
And as a little thank you for celebrating with us,
please also take some pillows home with you!