Friday, May 29, 2009

Karl and Ruis First Anniversary

Tomorrow is Karl and Ruis first anniversary!
They will fly to an undisclosed but most romantic destination together! Here we are seeing Karl off to the airport. To see the rest of their trip go to
their blog!
And believe me: you do want to see that!!!!
Mrs. OZ

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

CCSI 5 Party Aftermath

I wonder if Elvis was influenced in his choice of music by
previous predicament...?

Monday, May 25, 2009

CCSI 5 Cast Party

As is tradition after a successful CCSI show we are having a cast and crew party! Here are the executives of Little Production, still on location at the Byrd Mansion, also known as Westover, in Virginia, trying to figure out where to have the party.

picture by Asta

After a glass of that fabulous New Zealand wine that Momo brought along Ollie decides to climb up on a roof where she has an idea!

picture by Momo

All agree that this might be the best idea - food is brought in, the famous house wine from The Cat Realm is added, and someone even put up some decoration. Here is the whole cast on the front lawn of the mansion.

picture by Karl

The cast is eager to help with the preparing of the food (we wonder why?):
Fat Eric, Ayla and Luxor take care of the fish, while Miles, LC, Perfect Parker and Angus Mhor are grilling the chicken and beef.
Momo and Opus don't understand that Dr. Tweety and Sassy apparently already have eaten something.
Karl whispers something in Ruis's ear and Ollie has a conversation with Pearl while Titus and Asta try to keep an eye on all and everything to make sure the party doesn't go ou
t of hand.
Not that that has EVER happened before....

picture by Ruis

All of a sudden Asta is heard shouting from the garden:

picture by Karl

And after everybody races over there, this is what we see. Our bridge animals appeared in the fountain!

picture by Karl

We think this is the perfect moment to commemorate all the men and women who died while in military service as it is Memorial Day today.

picture by Karl

Then Miles insists on re-enacting his famous corpse scene. Director Ruis is a good sport and goes along while Ollie and Asta try to figure out how to actually shoot the whole thing....

picture by Karl

Meanwhile the others are attacking the buffet - Ayla fills the plates with food and Asta serves them around, Perfectly Parker serves herself, Luxor and Opus try to be regal on their respective cat sofas and Ruis and Karl still have something to whisper about.....

picture by Ruis

And then the entertainment arrives!!! Sassy has arranged for some Elvis impersonators to come and sing, hurray!!!!

picture by Sassy

Now let's party!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Birthday ML

The thing that brings us all together, the site we go to every morning (and night) to find out what's going on, the place that makes us the best community ever, the fabulous Cat Blogosphere would not be without the driving force behind it: ML.
And today is her birthday!!!! So let's celebrate, and all go and
wish her the very best birthday ever!

picture by "no need to say" Zoolatry -
but we all know that anyways, hahahahaha


And here is your gift from us for you:
In June we will put up another Dare, this Dare being your present, and we can't really say what it will be because then it wouldn't really be a Dare anymore, right? We will email you that little detail and all other cats and dogs can now roll around in the suspense of what it
might be, hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

As for some other suspense: CCSI 5 "The Old Famous Caper" has re-runs ALL weekend long at
Sassy's blog!!! Go get your popcorn here or here and then head over there!!! The movie theater awaits you!

picture by Sassy

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

CCSI 5 - Now Playing at Sassy's!

Go to Sassy's blog to see the newest CCSI caper!

Part 1
Part 2

Monday, May 18, 2009

We Are Doing It Again!!!

The newest CCSI caper will air this week! Go to Sassy for details.

newspaper clipping by Ruis

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Check This Out!

+++ Hey everybody! +++
You have to see this post!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

How We Spend Our Time

We finally got over our hangover and today we will show you some pictures of how we spend our time - which is mostly sleeping of course - but we do other things too. Not much different though....
Here I tell the story of the day when I walked out into the desert with the maid and the butler, far far away from home. So far that I actually got a little bit scared at the end and set a brisk pace on the way back home. But I do not mention that to the gingers...

Tintin likes to be "on the Red Carpet', hahahahahahahaha. You have seen this carpet in other pictures before but here you can see in the mirror image in the window what a glorious view we have from our Red Carpet! You can also see our stupid maid - couldn't she MOVE so she wouldn't be in there???

And here is a rare shot of Luna that is not blurry. She ALWAYS moves. And the moment she sees a camera she moves towards it - I wonder if that should tell us something...? She loves the tent, most times she manages to totally flatten it up...

Notty is not discriminatory in his choice of toys at all. Anything will do - but the little toy mouse to the left of the carrot (which incidentally is Mrs. OZ absolute favorite toy) is his most loved one.

And Mrs. OZ likes to lounge. Here she enjoys the end of the day sunset - and as you can see, she has her carrot with her. She always puts it on the maid's bed in the afternoon but it was found in front of the butler's door, out in the garden, under the table, on the porch and various other places over time.

I hope you enjoyed - now back to the Little Production Studios - we are in pre-production mode for CCSI 5 which is almost ready to air!!!! So yes, you can get excited and eager with anticipation now.

And we do have to mention that we got an award from
Angel about a month ago.... I know, shame on us... Thank you Angel, we sure appreciate it!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cinco de Mayo


The maid is back - but we are gone, hahahahahahahahaha!

We are in Salzburg to celebrate Myrna's wedding! We did some sightseeing ...

and then headed for the beer gardens! And on Friday was the big event!

There will be more to see about this fabulous wedding tomorrow too at Asta's blog!

Meanwhile the maid put on some videos at
our YouTube channel, and also at Dicky's (a lot more videos will come up there tomorrow). Enjoy!