Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Catching up...

You guys did it:
We will be able to see Anastasia in Groucho Marx glasses and party hat Friday!

Sorry we haven't visited a lot lately and won't for the next two days either - we have a lot of catching up to do.

The maid and Dicky Duck just got back from New York, they'll be busy putting up pictures at Dicky's blog and I am busy in "summarizing" the nomss friend Dare!

What a success it was. The button in the sidebar will stay, so anyone who hasn't yet taken the Dare can do so at any time!
Thank you everybody - it is making me very happy to see all these wonderful friendships blossom!


Daisy said...

Karl, I must commend you for a very fun and enlightening Dare! I can't wait for the next challenge you and Anastasia cook up.

The M's said...

Karl, congratulations on winning, we have not been able to participate due to the computer thing. Maybe next time.

Ana, you will still be the most beautiful lady cat in all the world, no matter what Karl makes you wear...yours forever, Monte.

Parker said...

I'm STILL working on mine. My Mommy is so slow!

Anita said...


I resend email with photos.

Purrrssss and thanks. Muhahaha!

Christine and FAZ said...

Wow, I am off to Dicky Duck's blog now to see what he's been up to. Waving from space (upside down). FAZ

Mr. Chen and Ollie said...

Oh boy! We can't wait to see Anastasia in those groucho marx glasses on Friday! Woohoo! Thanks for the fun and very important challenge, Karl!
Mr. Chen & OIlie

Unknown said...


I am very excited because Stanley the woofie said yes to being my nomss friend. I sent him some very interesting interview questions tonight and I will make my post by the weekend. Yippeeeee!

JT said...

Cool! I think you guys did a great job getting us cats to meet other species. Ernest and I haven't undertaken the challenge yet, so we're happy that you're leaving it up on your sidebar.

Can't wait to see you in your outfit Anastasia!

Lux said...

It was a great idea! Don't be so busy you don't have time for naps!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

We're glad yer leaving the dare up cuz we still hafn't heard back about our NOMSS furrend. They wuz moving and said they'd be back in a week, but that wuz two weeks ago, so we got our paws crossed that they will git in touch wiv us.

Stanley said...


Thanks for hooking me up with Henry Helton, man! He's one cool cat, and I'm stinkin' excited to be his NOMSS friend.

Very cool dare of you to cook up. You strike me as a pot-stirrer, but for good, not for evil!

Thanks again for networking for us, we are in your debt!

Goober love,

Karen Jo said...

I will be leaving on vacation, so I won't be able to see Anastasia in her glasses and hat for a while, but I will be sure to check it out when I get back. Thanks for the fun dare. And thanks again for the button. I have it up and working on my blog now.