Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Why Do(n't) Humans Do That?

What they do: make artificial rain and stand under it.

What they don’t do on the other hand: roll around in dirt…

The behavior of ‘taking a shower’ as it is called in human, probably has to do with their flawed outer integument. They do not have body hair (Except for a few small patches. And a few very hairy individuals.), and are covered with sweat glands. At what point they decided to switch from grooming (which their close relatives, the primates still do) to showering we might never know. Vases and murals show that showering was already practiced during the times of the Greeks and Egyptians.


Anonymous said...

Hi Karl & Anastasia,
I absolutely share your point of view that humans are a strange species... My daughter who loves to roll in fox poo hates the hosepipe shower which takes all the perfume away... Why do humans do this??

Victor Tabbycat said...

Beans. Is. Weird.

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Well, I don't consider the humans' outer integument to be flawed. My humans both have more hair than I do, and I have sweat glands all over my body, just like my humans do. That's why I need to have weekly baths.

The Cat Realm said...

Dearest Dragongeart - at the time of writing this post we didn't know you yet! But from what we see your skin looks MUCH nicer, and softer, than any human skin can ever be! So in comparison, their's is flawed.
Talk to you again soon!

Anonymous said...

Interesting that of all the strange things humans do, you focus on showering. Humans, unlike dogs (ewwww) are useless, almost untrainable. Thank goodness we have ours at least trained to feed us and clean the litter boxes.

She is not, however, alert for our beck and call 24/7, she doesn't even always come when we CALL her. She leaves the house without permission, sometimes for hours on end and here we are worrying what will happen if she doesn't come back. We just pray that one day we don't get a call from a neighbor saying she got into their trash, and WE are responsible. We are thinking of buying one of those invisible fences and a shock collar for her...though she has the credit card well hidden from us.

Besides showering (go figure), she spends a lot of time looking at things...could she be mentally defective? She holds things she calls books and papers in front of her face for hours. She stares at some sort of thing that moves (tv we think). But most of all she spends time in this little room staring at something kind of like a tv but there is something attached to it that she does with her paws (she calls them hands...whatever). We heard her say she is working. It must not be fun because we often hear her saying bad words to this thing, and loud, frankly it scares us. Another behavior that has us puzzled is sometimes she picks up a small inanimate object and talks to it. Could she be stark raving mad?

Recently she started spending even more time in the little room with the tv like object. She has this blog that is consuming a lot of time that should be spent waiting on us.

If any of you have experienced these kinds of strange behaviors from your humans please tell me how you handled it, or if you know of any place we can turn to for HELP!

The Cat Realm said...

Dear Lover Boy and Shy Guy,
First of all: sorry to hear that you are stuck with bad staff! Check back for our upcoming "Staff Management 101", there might be some tips in there for you.
Secondly: some of the odd behaviors of humans you mentioned (holding paper, staring at boxes, talking to objects) have been under considerable research by fellow cats. There are some solid hypothesis as for why humans do theses things. Check back for future posts on "Why do(n't) humans do that".
Finally: You must know that the tv like object in the little room is the computer? How else did you find our blog? Be aware though that when you use the computer for yourselves to protect ALL your stuff with passwords!!! We caught our servant snooping around the computer when she thought we were asleep....