Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Staff Management 101

If you are a cat reading this post chances are you have human staff.
The good news: you actually ‘have’ staff.
The bad news: they might not be properly trained and/or not operate at full capacity.
Here is where our course comes into play. We developed a very easy to follow guidebook to train humans properly and we will post a summary of it right here on The Cat Realm!

And once again, here are the good news: Humans aren’t as complicated as you might think:
1 they are easily manipulated
2 they are pretty stupid and
3 they are really low maintenance

The bad news are that they require a lot of repetitions and redundancy before training success will be fairly permanent.

Here is Guideline # 1: MANIPULATE
Humans LOVE to be manipulated (just look at the way how they do what they call “politics”).
You get best results if you make them think that what they do (i.e. the desired behavior that you aim for) was their own idea and accomplishment.
Example for Petting: That’s an easy one. Just lay down on the floor, belly up, in your most ‘pathetic’ stance and give them “The Look”.

More Guidelines to follow in the coming weeks!

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Katiez Furry Mewz said...

weze like dis infurmashun.... guidelinez iz gud ta know shtuff!!

ize gud at da manipulashun wuvin ta getz to go outside.